Aerial services in Derby / Nottingham / Leicestershire

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Are you looking to get a quote for Aerial and Satellite services?

If your looking for the cheapest quote then call the budget aerial services, but are they approved installers, CRB checked.

What kind of materials will they be fitting .

If your looking for a quality installation that will last then call


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Aerial splitters

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Got a call out in West Bridgford today, customer complaining of poor reception on all t.v’s. They had a new aerial fitted about 2 years ago by bodge it and scarper aerial fitters. I won’t mention names here as we do not want to cause any embarrassment  when sometimes bumping into each other at the wholesalers.  They replaced the aerial and cable located on the chimney stack ( On closer visual inspection,they actually had made half a decent job of this ).For some unknown reason, they then decided to do a compete bodge job of splitting the signal to three different tv’s half way down the side of the gable end using an old masthead amplifier housing case, cheapo loads of loss budget aerial cabling and insulation tape to try and water proof the joints.This poor method of splitting the signal as well as using poor quality non- screened cable resulted in poor signal levels.



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So replacing all the poor cable with CAI approved cable . Fitting a lte 4 way external water proof splitter to the side of the wall (as pre splitter signal readings were very strong) We still achieved readings of 50 db power (decibels, how we measure signal strength/quality/ near margin etc) at each t.v point.

Sky+ hd upgrade

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Hello folks, Arrived on site today  and sure enough to bring two  sky feeds to the main t.v. with new cabling would have looked  pig ugly and would have spoiled the decoration, running cables around door frames.

Looking at the back of the main t.v. set there was a single socket with two connections on it one for t.v. the other for sat. Quick meter test to check signal quality, all ok.

I removed the t.v. outlet plate which revealed two cables inside, bonus ,Double screened cable had been used, (A must for digital t.v. reception).  I traced these cables back to the loft, BOY was it hot up there.

One came from the existing sky dish, the other from the aerial . I then upgraded the existing sky dish with a new quad LNB (low noise block, the bit where cables connect to the dish)  and legacy adapter (for older style dishes you have to fit an adapter  as the new LNB’s won’t fit). And then re-connected the existing cable and a new cable.

I then fed this cable up into the loft.

Now here is the clever bit .

Satellite signals operate at much higher frequencies than terrestrial t.v. So because the customer still wanted to have access to freeview at the main t.v. You can combine the two signals with a uhf / sat combiner . and send them both down one cable without interference , allthough there is some slight insertion loss of signal quality but as the meter readings were good, not enough to effect signal quality by that much.



UHF SAT COMBINER Sky+ hd upgrade main

So down  one cable went sat feed 1 with the  t.v. aerial feed.

Then down the other cable went sat feed 2.

All that was left to do, was to fit a new quad outlet plate, Meter test  the signals and install the new sky HD box, sky had left.


global quad outlet Sky+ hd upgrade main



So if you are told it can’t be done due to health and safety reasons IE, the installer won’t go in the loft or from a practical point of view it’s impossible to do.

You know who to call for free quote .






Sky+ upgrade

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Got a job today to add an extra cable from the  sky dish to the main t.v. for sky plus hd upgrade . at the moment they just have a standard sky box  with one cable feed , but for sky + you need two feeds from the dish.

Sky have previously been out, but were unable to complete due to health and safety reasons state and there is no other way of getting an additional cable to the lounge as it is in the middle of the house and the customer did not want cables showing internally.

Not seen the job yet but will  post update later.

Another botched job replaced.

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Replaced this botched aerial install today because  the customer was complaining of poor t.v. reception when raining and the aerial connector was wet and corroding at the t.v. point.

Top cover to aerial connection ( PCB BALUN) not secured on initial aerial installation, resulting in it eventually blowing off. It only needed a cable tie or some Self Amalgamating tape wrapped around it.

The aerial and cable was upgraded but on to the original chimney bracket and mast   ( i would say about 5 years ago).

This high gain aerial caused a lot of  stress to the one inch thick mast and  6 inch pressed chimney bracket during windload, resulting in some damage to the brickwork caused by stress to the chimney bracket .

Minimum requirements should be 9 inch  welded chimney bracket and 1 inch &1/4  mast . I only use galvanized brackets and alloy masts. Note lack of tape securing cable to the mast.

So for a secure and stress free / long lasting aerial installation , Who you going to call ?11th june 2014 015 1024x612 Another botched job replaced. main  11th june 2014 017 1024x612 Another botched job replaced. main  11th june 2014 016 612x1024 Another botched job replaced. main


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Are you pulling your hair out trying to set up your newly purchased smart T.v. or Freeview / Freesat recorder ?

Having signal issues with your new Bt vision or Talk talk box.

Why not give us a call


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Check out our latest wall mount

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55 inch curved led t.v.  mounted on full motion cantilever wall bracket.  Sound bar wall mounted underneath AV shelf.


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Aerial installation services

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Better get my waterproofs on .

All outdoor work today fitting those extra t.v. points ready in time for the world cup.



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T.V. Aerial installation services

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Attention House builders, Property developers and Home owners.

Are you building a house or extension. Or just home improvements ?

Unsure what cables to put where and how many?

SD Installs  can advise  what cables to put where for smart t.v, Cctv, Aerial and Satellite connections / distribution.

If your wall mounting a t.v, what cables you might need.

Its best to sort it out whilst your still doing first fix as post decoration you probably don’t want cables showing and running internally and externally around your new brickwork/ render  and plaster work.



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Read our reviews

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